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     I have tons for great things to share, and periodically will post them.  For right now, I can send you to this great place where you can get HUNDREDS of great pieces of flute music - for free!  Many of them are also legal to use at NYSSMA, since they are public domain.  I have cross checked, and will post that list soon - but for now, you can print AS MANY AS YOU WANT!  Many are old-fashioned editions - but you get the flute parts and the piano part.  I also have MIDI files to a lot of these, so you could even play along with those as the accompaniment.  So here is today's freebie - enjoy!
Best fingering charts on the planet -
Follow their link to even MORE cool stuff - like the Virtual Flute!
Lots and lots of FREE classical music, with accompaniments - ready to print - and it 's ALL LEGAL!
Do you march outdoors, and worry about your flute getting wet?  Do you play the school's piccolo, and not only does it get wet, it is NASTY?  Check out the New Voice flutes and piccolos by GUO - these are made out of a lightweight resin, come in all kinds of colors, and are WATERPROOF!  Seriously!
And - they make a BASS flute too -