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Are you interested in private lessons in flute or piano? 

 Mrs. Pauline Mancuso and Mr. Peter J. Mancuso are accepting a limited number of students. 

Our lesson calendar runs from the middle of September (so you can get comfortable in your new school schedule) to the beginning of June (before final exams start).  This usually covers 36 lessons, but if you need to start in the middle of the school year - or have a certain goal in mind - then you may begin whenever  you need to, and when we have an opening for you.  Lessons can be a half-hour, 45 minutes, or an hour in length.  Most middle school and younger high school students take half-hour lessons, but those students who are very serious about pursuing higher goals, such as All-State or a college music major, often take a longer lesson, since there is more material to cover.  Summer lessons are given on a per-lesson basis, and are encouraged, if only sporadically, so that students will not fall behind.  Everybody needs a vacation - but nobody likes to have to struggle to get back into shape in the Fall!

We usually teach on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday afternoons, from 3 pm to 6 pm.  Other times are available by request.

If you are considering lessons, then have your parents call us at

845-339-3848 or email us at .

We can discuss our schedule and fees at that time.